SM To Take Legal Action Regarding False Issues of EXO Kris

SM Entertainment has announced they will begin seeking legal action against those who are spreading false information regarding Kris’ leaving EXO.

They also urge sasaengs, fans and netizens to stop harassing EXO members through online media. Furthermore, SM asks not to believe untrusted sources and to wait for the responsible sides’ explanation.

Before, there were rumours about Kris’ reason of nullifying his contract.

Kris’s law firm, Hankyul, released an interview through Chinese media, Sina, and said the reason of his lawsuit wass no other than requesting equal treatment and for his ambitions as an artist to be considered. They also said, “Kris received several movie and drama role proposals, but they were all refused by SM Entertainment.”

Source: TenAsia

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SM Ent. Confirmed There’s No Lawsuit and Contract Termination of EXO’s Kris

even this article can’t give a rest, really.. -,-

Earlier today, Chinese media Sina reported that EXO’s Kris is currently seeking for terminating his contract with SM and to send a lawsuit. Which means that Kris are about to leave EXO and this news spreading quickly and giving various responses from fans.

But SM Entertainment finally confirmed about the rumor. They stated that they’ve never knew about the lawsuit and about Kris is leaving EXO. Sina also wrote that Kris are going to file a lawsuit today, but Starnews receive a call from Seoul Central Court  that there’s no lawsuit against SM Entertainment today.


Seoul Central Court reported they’ve received Kris’ lawsuit files. It’s just submitted today and hasn’t been through the system. While Kris’ submission spreading online, SM still checking the truth about this shocking issue.

Meanwhile, Hankyul law firm confirmed that Kris is sending a lawsuit to go against SM Entertainment. Cho Bum Suk, the lawyer who also handling…

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